Who Are We?

Fifth Wheel Marketing Inc.’s consultative approach delivers tailored solutions that allow companies to attract and retain top talent. Fifth Wheel Marketing isn’t just another vendor. We are a partner that is an extension of your team.


What We Do


Fill Recruiting Quotas

Finding qualified professional truck drivers and candidates has become more challenging in today's market. With the vast amount of tools, being able to hyper-target and utilize these programs successfully is critical.

Every company must design an unique approach to stay competitive. Digital advertising, social recruiting, and nurture campaigns have become the go-to tools for successful recruitment teams. If you struggle with receiving quantity over quality candidates, schedule a consultation with us today.


Generate New Business

Digital advertising has given businesses the power to hyper-target and grow their prospect lists resulting in increased revenue. Being able to “smart sell” and increase overall growth has become accessible than ever; however it starts with a strategy to be able to find new opportunities for your business.

How will you position yourself in front of prospects?

What media outlets will you utilize?

How will you nurture your prospects?


Improve Company Culture

Truck drivers and employee retention is a constant battle with many companies. Professional truck drivers have a 95% turnover rate while transportation industry employees have a 30% turnover rate.

How does your company not only recruit new talent but retain top talent?

Through strategic social media strategy and employee program consulting, we have decreased our customers' driver turnover rate. Does your company want to beat the industry standard?